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Workshops and Classes

ShopKeepArty Workshop
Along Church Lane, Cotswolds with Marvin Chew


At 11AM (UK time) /7PM (Singapore time) on Thursday 6th January, join professional watercolour artist Marvin for his more in-depth workshop webinar, painting an historic street in the Cotswolds, England. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from Singapore. Click HERE for more details.

Marvin's Atelier logo.jpg

Marvin's Atelier at is a virtual/ online art school where you can purchase Marvin's online painting courses, demo and tutorial videos.

Courses available currently are:

Marvin is also collaborating with other online workshop providers such as ShopkeepArty and Etchr Studio, sharing his painting skills and techniques in live demos and workshops.

  • To view Marvin's latest demo sessions or workshops in ShopkeepArty, click HERE

  • To purchase recorded videos of Marvin's past demos and workshops with Etchr Studio, click HERE

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