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Workshops and Classes

Paint along with Marvin Chew, live from from Singapore in February, March and April 2024.

Then keep the video recordings!


Over three months, Marvin will take you on a journey to develop your painting skills with three key elements - Trees, Water and People. Mastering these elements can make the difference between an ok painting and a GREAT painting!


There are three, 1+hr art tutorial webinars taking place on the last Tuesday of each month, starting February.

For more details and to sign up, please CLICK HERE.

ShopKeepArty Workshop
Along Church Lane, Cotswolds with Marvin Chew


At 11AM (UK time) /7PM (Singapore time) on Thursday 6th January, join professional watercolour artist Marvin for his more in-depth workshop webinar, painting an historic street in the Cotswolds, England. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from Singapore. Click HERE for more details.

For other online lessons with ShopkeepArty, click HERE

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Marvin's Atelier at is a virtual/ online art school where you can purchase Marvin's online painting courses, demo and tutorial videos.

Courses available currently are:

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